Keep Soldiers Safer with Flexible-Spectrum Radios

Your radio equipment just got an order of magnitude better. We give your software full control over both the transmit and receive hardware chain, so your communications device provides the ultimate in stealth, flexibility, and power-efficiency. Offer our troops the widest spectrum of frequencies in hostile environments with the size and power characteristics comparable to fixed-frequency communications.

Greater Power Efficiency on Transmission
Better Sensitivity on Receive

Here's Why Flexible-Spectrum

Radios   Are Better

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Fully Tunable

Your software controls frequency for both reception and transmission

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10x Receiver Dynamic Range

Our receivers reliably detect signals even with 10x more interference

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10x Better Power Efficiency

A better power amplifier unlocks longer missions at lower power

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Dramatically improved Signal-to-Noise Ratio

We eliminate most of the noisy RF spectrum to extract a much cleaner signal with high fidelity, increasing data rates.

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Less Power Draw

Much less compute needed than purely software-based tuning

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Smaller Devices

No need for separate chips for each frequency + smaller batteries and heat sinks

Struggling to Upgrade Your Systems?

We Solved That.

Our system makes upgrades easy by letting your software continually reconfigure the tuning hardware. Enjoy reduced development time, lower support costs, and downloadable upgrades. With EchoICs, your device just got future-proofed.

Imagine What You'll Build


Drones and Counter-Drone Systems

RF Jammers/Spoofers

Phased Arrays

The Power and Efficiency of Single-Band Radio.

The Flexibility of Software-Defined Radio.

Existing SDRs compromise on size, efficiency, and power, requiring expensive analog-digital converters and massive compute to extract the desired signal from the noisy RF spectrum. Our Flexible-Spectrum Radio (FSR) is a true single-radio, ultra-widely tunable SDR that offers full control of the radio hardware frequency, providing greater system efficiency on transmission and high dynamic range, linear, signal reception.

Let's Build the Future Together

We are in discussions with industry partners to offer upgraded systems based on out technology. Want to explore opportunities with us as well?

About Us

Communication drives innovation. That's why we are creating a future where flexible, low-cost radios allow mankind to extract dramatically more use from the radio spectrum. Our approach to innovating communications is to fundamentally reconsider radio architecture. Ever since Edwin Armstrong invented the superheterodyne architecture a century ago, engineers have sought to capture a wide frequency range before filtering it to a fixed frequency in the hardware. More recently, software-defined radio offered an alternative to fixed-frequency, but at the steep cost of processing power and energy consumption. We have created reconfigurable radios that are an order of magnitude better than what's currently available and we're just getting started. Born at the Cornell School of Engineering, EchoICS technology is the result of a decade of research. Want to discuss a partnership, or curious about job opportunities? Contact us today to talk about the power of software-tuned communications in action.

Thomas Tapen, PhD

  • Inventor of Technology
  • 10+ years experience in IC and RF design

Olalekan Afuye, PhD

  • Ph.D Grad of Apsel
  • 10+ years experience in IC & software dev

Alyssa Apsel, PhD

  • Co-Inventor, Professor at Cornell University
  • 25+ years domain expertise

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